Summer Solstice

by Ben I Sabbah

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spontaneous 'instant composition in 3 steps'*
performed by ben i sabbah
containing variations on a theme by baba zula ('park')
with special thanks and maximum respect!


*the way how i work (mostly) when i create a new tune, can be described as something between improvisation and composing:
1st step - select: preparing an ableton-live-set by selecting all the instruments, samples, loops, fx i want to use
2nd step - play: recording spontaneous whats just in my mind, sometimes first a groove pattern and then the melodies, sometimes just in one way all different tracks together...
3rd step - edit: means first to delete everything from the record, what is not necessary, add or move some parts, small cuts here and there, adjust the levels et al ....listen to it up and down ...and bounce it

the most time i spend with first step ;-) ... in this way of working, a new song will need maybe 2 or 3 hours - i hate to work on a song without seeing an end, cannot imagine how some folks work on an album for years, haha - wanna do it instantly, and go on - to the next level ;-)



released June 28, 2017

ben i sabbah -electric phin, ching, loop & fx pedals, t-resonator, ableton live
©© june 23, 2017 at paradise underground, schaffhausen




Ben I Sabbah Schaffhausen, Switzerland

ben i sabbah is specialized in oriental and asian underground music - dj'ing and experimental sound creation (composing / improvisation)

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